Welcome to Ingstrup Efterskole

A Danish boarding school

Ingstrup Efterskole is a boarding school with approximately 135 students. We offer the Danish lower secondary education from 9th to 10th grade. 
42% of the Danish pupils spend their 10th grade at boarding school.
A year at a boarding school has a high priority in many families because students achieve good social skills and a massive personal development.  
Ingstrup Efterskole is situated in beautiful surroundings near one of the best North-European beaches in the northern part of Denmark. The school is modern and with all facilities needed for an attractive boarding school. 

Focus on education

Besides the normal classes, we offer a 10th grade “Business Class” focused on trade and marketing. Furthermore you can attend the “ProEf10” which is a project oriented and interdisciplinary class, focused on group work and study qualifications. In 9th grade we work with two semesters, one with all the humanistic subjects and one semester with math and science.  

Prepared for more

The ideas and objectives behind the Danish boarding schools however, go much further than educating in a classroom.  Through the year the students develop their independence and gain confidence in their own abilities in a stimulating environment supported by our motivated staff. Living and working closely together with all kinds of people 24-7 teaches our youngster social responsibility, tolerance and consideration towards each other.

Sports, music and dance

As well as offering the academic program we offer a variety in sports and music.

Our teams in handball and football are well attended, and we have highly qualified instructors. Action sport is for the outdoor people, who love mountain biking, diving etc. Our school has a modern music house with a concert hall and studios and here we ensure that the pupils’ varied talents in music are explored and encouraged. Our Dance school offers a variety in dance styles, gives shows and the dancers do very well in competitions with other boarding schools.

Modern facilities

Ingstrup Efterskole has a variety of modern facilities for all kinds of activities for educational purposes as well as for the free time.  That includes fitness, dance studio, music house with a concert hall, gym hall, football stadium with artificial grass, dining hall, climbing tower, athletic facilities and more.

Fun and friendships

There is also time for fun. We have parties, we play on the beach, we go to festivals, have our grandparents visiting, go skiing in Sweden and much more.

Often the students decide to stay at the school during the weekend. Things are more relaxed and they can enjoy being together.  Friendships are made – often for a lifetime.


For further information please feel free to contact us per mail: kontor@ingstrupefterskole.dk